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A Scalable Protein Production Technology to Accelerate Biotherapeutic Development

Protein expression remains a critical bottleneck in the journey of biotherapeutic development, spanning from initial discovery to lead optimization and beyond.


Overcoming The Challenges Of Membrane Protein Production

On-demand webinar: Membrane proteins are critical for drug development targets and yet among the most difficult-to-express proteins...


A Comprehensive Guide To Our Protein Service

On-demand webinar: In this webinar, we discuss how our protein service can help you simplify the production of your difficult-to-express proteins...


Is Cell-Free The Future Of Vaccine Development?

On-demand webinar: Virus-like particles are a promising vaccine alternative, offering strong and lasting immunity with greater stability...


Complex Protein Expression Made Easy

On-demand webinar: In this 20-minute webinar, two of our protein experts present an expression technology with a proven track record in producing difficult-to-express protein, and share examples of the system in action.


How Can Going Cell-Free Boost Your Protein Expression?

On-demand webinar: In this 30-minute webinar, two protein experts explain how CFPS works and how it can be used to overcome the pitfalls of cell-based protein expression.

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