A Comprehensive Guide to Our Protein Service

Unlocking the Power of Proteins

Join us for this upcoming webinar where we’ll be discussing how our protein service can help you simplify the production of your difficult-to-express proteins.

In this 30-minute webinar, our speakers, Dr.-Ing Clemens Lattermann and Dr. Johannes Gottschalk, will introduce the novel cell-free technology that powers our service and which allows us to scale protein production without sacrificing quality. They will then jump into a detailed explanation of how our modular protein service structure is designed to provide you with ultimate flexibility.

Explore the technical details of our service before deep-diving into a case study showcasing a fully formed, fully functional antibody produced in our protein service.

Whether you’re a researcher or a biotech company, this webinar offers valuable insights. Register now to secure your spot.



Dr. Johannes GottschalkProtein Production Scientist

Dr. Johannes Gottschalk Protein Production Scientist

Johannes is a highly skilled Protein Production Scientist at LenioBio GmbH, where he plays a crucial role as the project manager of the Protein Service. With extensive expertise in expression and purification, he possesses a deep understanding of producing proteins using our advanced cell-free platform, ALiCE.
His educational background is in biotechnology, holding a Ph.D. from RWTH University of Aachen.

Board games and “pen and paper” activities are beloved hobbies of Johannes. He also enjoys hiking, attending concerts, and exploring escape rooms.
Johannes often combines these delightful activities by inviting friends over and brewing delicious tea.

Dr.-Ing Clemens Lattermann
Head of Sales

Clemens joined LenioBio GmbH in 2022 as Head of Sales. He is an expert on our cell-free protein expression system, ALiCE, with in-depth knowledge of the system’s capabilities.

Prior to joining the LenioBio team, Clemens obtained a Ph.D. at the RWTH University of Aachen in Biochemical Engineering where he gained extensive experience in the development of small-scale shaken bioreactor systems. He has also held various commercial roles, including General Manager at Khuner Shaker GmbH.

In his spare time, Clemens enjoys riding his mountain bike, is fascinated about hiking in the mountains, and loves cooking with family and friends.

Read our new white paper

In our white paper, we explore the latest developments in cell-free protein production and discuss its potential to replace standard cell-based technologies for difficult-to-produce proteins.

Read the white paper


ALiCE® as a kit

ALiCE is available as a protein expression kit in three different sizes to suit your needs.


ALiCE® as a service

Leverage our team's expertise for your protein expression project with our end-to-end protein service.


Our technology

ALiCE® is a eukaryotic cell-free protein expression harnessing the power of N. tabacum cells.

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