Meet ALiCE® – Radical Simple Protein Expression

Experience fast, versatile, and scalable protein production with ALiCE®! Produce proteins in 48 hours with our easy, plug-and-play platform. No protein is too difficult, and you can scale effortlessly to meet your needs.

See How ALiCE® Can Help Your Production


One Platform for All Your Protein Expression Needs

  • > 2 Grams per Liter Protein Yield

  • Complex Post-Translational Modifications

  • Protein in Under 48 Hours

  • Scalable Reactions to 10 L


ALiCE® for Research

ALiCE® is available as a protein expression kit in three different sizes for small-scale protein expression for research purposes.


ALiCE® for Scale-Up

Interested in producing your protein of interest in large amounts? Read more about ALiCE® for Scale-Up


ALiCE® as a Service

Explore the viability of your protein expression with our comprehensive feasibility study.

Our Purpose: To Make Life-Saving Medicines Accessible to All

We believe that everyone deserves an equal chance to lead a healthy life.
That’s why we created ALiCE®, a disruptive cell-free protein technology that will change the way proteins are produced. Our goal? To simplify biomanufacturing and speed up the delivery of drugs to the patient.

About LenioBio


A Therapeutic Target Like No Other

With unmatched therapeutic potential, GPCRs account for ~35% of FDA-approved drugs, achieving the status of the most common class of therapeutic target. They also happen to be one of the most challenging classes of protein to express. In this case study, we explore the rapid expression and in-lysate functional analysis of the CB2 GPCR using the ALiCE® expression system.

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Plant-Based ALiCE® Technology Could Shave Weeks Off Vaccine Production

LenioBio has received CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations) funding of up to US $2 million to provide preclinical proof-of-concept that their commercially available, plant-based, and cell-free technology can produce proteins for use in clinical trials testing vaccines against epidemic and pandemic threats in 20-40 days.

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Scaling Eukaryotic Cell-Free Protein Synthesis

In our latest publication in the Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering, we describe the production and functional analysis of complex proteins using ALiCE®, and showcase scaling in the system – a first for eukaryotic cell-free.

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Why Your Membrane Protein Expression Might be Failing, and how to Rescue It

Challenging to express, membrane proteins exhibit instability, low yields, and aggregation issues. Optimizing expression is essential from target characterization to clinical candidate selection. In this article, we address potential expression failures and strategies to overcome them.

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