A Powerful Expression System in the Hands of Experts

Our protein service employs a powerful eukaryotic expression system called ALiCE®. Harnessing the power of cell-free expression, ALiCE® has a strong track record producing varied protein classes, including those with complex features such as disordered regions, transmembrane domains and kringle structures.

Our team of protein scientists excels at maximizing the potential of our expression system from cloning strategy to scalable expression and purification. With ALiCE® as our cornerstone, we boast an exceptional expression success rate of nearly 100%, along with a proven history of overcoming expression challenges encountered in other systems.

Our Team Excel at Producing Challenging Proteins

We have produced varied proteins for our customers, many of them highly complex. These are just a few examples:



Membrane proteins and antigens, including a vaccine target with exceptionally low yields in other systems.


Complex enzymes

A therapeutic enzyme containing kringle domains and multiple glycosylation sites and disulfide bonds


Antibody variants

A varied panel of IgGs, scVs and Fabs expressed in a 96-well plate high throughput format.

We Offer a No-Cure-No-Pay Guarantee for our Feasibility Studies

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A Flexible Structure to Fit Your Needs

Your protein service project will start with a consultation led by one of our experts. Together, we’ll explore your specific protein needs and tailor the perfect solution for your project. Our modular packages feature clear deliverables and transparent pricing, allowing us to craft a customized package that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Every project begins with a feasibility study where we design optimized constructs and assess expression of your protein. We have such high confidence in our service that we offer a no-cure-no-pay guarantee for this crucial first step.

Once protein expression is established, your project gains momentum, with the first purified protein ready in as few as 10 working days from construct arrival.

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Cost-Efficient Scaling

ALiCE® eliminates the need for cell-line optimization for scaled production. Whether expressing simple or complex proteins requiring post-translational modifications or membrane integration, ALiCE® delivers consistent yields from 100 µl to 100 mL and beyond without requiring timely process optimization (Fig. 1 A and B).

With extensive front-loading during the proof of concept and small-scale protein production phases of a project, as you progress to larger-scale protein production with us, you can begin to realize the benefits of economies of scale. With minimal optimization needed for scaling ALiCE® reactions, costs remain manageable as your protein production grows.


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Meet our Team

Our experienced in-house team of protein experts, with over 50 years of combined expertise, will handle your project from start to finish. Covering construct design and optimization, protein expression, extraction, and purification, we ensure meticulous care at every stage. With advanced techniques and attention to detail, we deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations. Trust us to guide your protein project with expertise and precision.


Maja Lieven

Head of Protein Service


Johannes Gottschalk

Senior Protein Production Scientist


Harendra Mahto

Analytical Scientist


Juliane Norf

Senior Protein Purification Scientist


Frank Albrecht

Senior Scientist DNA Solutions


Zulfaquar Ahmad Arfi

Alliance Manager for Protein Characterization & Analytics

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