Overcoming the challenges of membrane protein production

Unlocking the Power of Proteins

Membrane proteins are vital for cellular functions and serve as critical drug development targets due to their involvement in various diseases. Understanding their complex structures and functions is key to designing effective therapies, and bridging cellular biology insights with pharmaceutical advancements. However, they are also among the most difficult-to-express proteins, prone to low yields, aggregation, and instability.

In this 30-minute webinar, Dr. Andreas Kiessling will present a breakthrough cell-free expression system for rapid and efficient production of these demanding proteins. He will share case studies featuring membrane proteins and other difficult-to-express classes produced using the system, including functional data.

This webinar is for you if…

  • You have you ever struggled to produce a membrane proteins for functional analysis or characterization
  • Membrane protein expression a bottle neck in your hit or lead generation workflow
  • You are interested in exploring new, cutting edge protein expression systems for membrane proteins and more
Dr. Andreas Kiessling

Dr. Andreas Kiessling


Andreas is our Application Scientist here at LenioBio GmbH and joined in 2022. He provides scientific support to our customers and sits at the interface between sales and R&D.

Andreas is a biochemist by training and has a lot of experience with protein design, expression and protein purification, especially regarding membrane proteins. He finished his PhD at the University of Leeds (United Kingdom) in Biochemistry with a focus on the structural elucidation of bacterial membrane proteins.

Dr. Kate Bailey


Dr. Kate Bailey heads up LenioBio’s Marketing and Communications team, bringing a unique blend of expertise to her role. With a PhD in host-microbe interactions from the University of Oxford, Kate further refined her skills as a postdoctoral researcher in the UK and Italy. She developed a passion for science communication during her academic career and now gets to channel that enthusiasm daily in her role at LenioBio. Kate often reflects on how LenioBio’s expression system would have greatly simplified her research back in her lab days.


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