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We are deeply passionate about science and the transformative power of proteins to shape our world. From groundbreaking research to innovative applications, we are dedicated to unraveling the mysteries and harnessing the potential of these remarkable biomolecules. Join us as we delve into captivating stories and thought-provoking articles, exploring the boundless possibilities of protein science, and the applications of cell-free expression.


Increasing Protein Yields: Solubility Tagging

In this article, we delve deeply into the impact of protein solubility on protein yield and explore methods to enhance the solubility of your protein of interest...

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Maximize Protein Expression: Overcoming Challenges and Boosting Yields

In this article, we thoroughly explore the challenges presented by low protein yields and investigate the various factors that can influence expression efficiency...


Four Reasons Why Your Membrane Protein Expression Might Be Failing — And How To Rescue It

Membrane proteins are one of the most difficult-to-express types of proteins. In this article, we explore some key reasons why your membrane protein expression might be failing and introduce ways to tackle them.

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Bringing Therapies Closer To Those In Need

Revolutionizing medicine distribution amid epidemics and conflicts: Researchers at UMBC are exploring the potential of cell-free protein expression to bring medicines closer to patients.


Making The Switch

Switching from cell-based to cell-free for your protein expression can appear daunting. We explore what is needed to smooth the transition.


Will Better Preparedness Help Us Avert The Next Pandemic?

In a post-pandemic landscape,  science, healthcare and government organizations are seeking solutions to averting the next pandemic?\. Find out what role cell-free expression could play in this.


Widening The Boundaries Of Protein Production

Despite being the powerhouse of protein manufacturing, cell-based expression systems can be time consuming and limited in the proteins they produce. Can cell-free systems overcome these limitations?

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