How can going cell-free boost your protein expression?

On-demand webinar

Cell-based expression systems based on E. coli, CHO, and other cell lines are the powerhouses of protein manufacturing. However, despite their wide acceptance and use, cell-based systems are inefficient, time-consuming, and often limited in the types of proteins they can produce. Can cell-free systems overcome these limitations and change the status quo in protein production?

In this 30-minute webinar, two protein experts explain how CFPS works and how it can be used to overcome the pitfalls of cell-based protein expression.

This webinar is for you if…

  • You have you ever struggled to produce a membrane proteins for functional analysis or characterization
  • Membrane protein expression a bottle neck in your hit or lead generation workflow
  • You are interested in exploring new, cutting edge protein expression systems for membrane proteins and more



Dr. Charles Williams

Charles is Team Lead of System Innovation at LenioBio, a team committed to optimizing the cell-free protein synthesis system, ALiCE, and exploring novel applications in the cell-free space. Between biochemical and biotechnological stints in universities across the United Kingdom and Spain, he has also held industrial positions in biopharmaceutical quality control and cell therapy process development.

Dr.-Ing Clemens Lattermann
Head of Sales

Clemens joined LenioBio in 2022 as Head of Sales. He is and expert on our cell-free protein expression system, ALiCE, with in-depth knowledge of the systems capabilities. Prior to joining the LenioBio team, Clemens obtained his PhD at the RWTH University of Aachen in Biomedical Engineering, where ne gained extensive experience in the development of small scale shaken bioreactor systems.


ALiCE® as a kit

ALiCE is available as a protein expression kit in three different sizes to suit your needs.


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Our technology

ALiCE® is a eukaryotic cell-free protein expression harnessing the power of N. tabacum cells.

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