LenioBio announces new appointment to the Scientific Advisory Board Composed of Experts within the Field of Biotechnology and Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals 

LenioBio GmbH announces the appointment of Dr. Dorothee Ambrosius to LenioBio’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Read more 


LenioBio Won Prestigious Horizon 2020 SME/2 Grant

DUSSELDORF, Germany, August 22, 2019 – LenioBio GmbH today announced that the company has been awarded a grant of €2.37 million to accelerate the scale-up of its proprietary protein expression platform ALiCE®read more


LenioBio: Complex Proteins at your Fingertips

At LenioBio we believe in the power of proteins. It is our purpose to deliver you better access to complex proteins. This positions you to create new insights, new products and new value for society.

LenioBio will be introducing a range of tools for rapid, affordable, scalable and reliable expression of any protein, based on the ALiCE® platform. Starting with the ALiCE® kit.

Yields of Commercially Available Eukaryotic Cell-Free Expression Kits

ALiCE®: 30 times more protein

ALiCE® is our platform that brings your lab unprecedented yields in protein expression. Our first ALiCE® cell-free protein expression kit produces up to 3 mg /mL in batch mode. This is 30 times more than any eukaryotic cell-free system (including wheat germ, CHO, human, etc).

ALiCE®: complexity made simple

ALiCE® also produces notoriously difficult-to-express proteins. Both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell-free systems fail to produce the most complex proteins at relevant quantities. ALiCE® has consistently proven its ability to successfully express both simple proteins like reporter proteins, as well as highly challenging ones, such as full-size antibodies.

Yields of Commercially Available Prokaryotic Cell-Free Expression Kits
ALiCE Means All Most Living Cell Expression

ALiCE®: What sets it apart?

The power of ALiCE® lies in its intact organelles: active mitochondria provide a continuing energy supply and microsomes (endoplasmic reticulum reformed into vessels) enable folding of complex proteins and their glycosylation. This gives you a remarkably easy and scalable tool to express a broad spectrum of proteins.

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