In all four phases of drug development: drug discovery, pre–clinical and clinical trials, and commercial supply, there are inefficiencies that together constitute the challenge.

Our ALiCE® platform addresses these inefficiencies and speeds up the whole process.

We are revolutionizing biopharma manufacturing by pioneering scalable eukaryotic cell-free expression technology. Our technology, ALiCE®, enables the production of proteins that were once considered impossible to express.

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Any biotech can now develop protein drugs, irrespective of their size, location, or resources.
Our technology enables the discovery of potential disease cures, regardless of the size of the target population. ALiCE® makes the dream of distributed manufacturing a reality.

Production in ALiCE® is sustainable for all dose sizes, from 1 dose for personalized medicine to 50,000 doses for a regional disease. Even 100 M. doses to face a pandemic.


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