White Papers


A cell-free future for protein production

In our white paper, we explore how cell-free protein synthesis is challenging current paradigms in biomanufacturing

Application Notes


Expression of a functional therapeutic antibody in the ALiCE® cell-free protein expression system

Explore how fully assembled, functional monoclonal antibodies can be expressed and assembled in a one-pot reaction with ALiCE®.


A eukaryotic cell-free platform for reliable expression of functional membrane proteins

Membrane proteins are notoriously difficult to express, stabilize and purify. In our application note, we describe the production and functional analysis of GPCRs using the ALiCE® cell-free expression system.


Expressing Virus-Like Particles using the ALiCE® Cell-Free Protein Expression System

Post COVID-19, there is an increased interest in rapid vaccine production platforms. Explore our use of the ALiCE® system to produce high-quality immunogenic virus-like particles in a matter of hours.

Scientific Posters


Rapid screening and scaled manufacture of immunogenic virus-like particles in ALiCE®

VLPs are a promising alternative to traditional vaccine platforms. In this poster, we present scaled VLP production (up to 100,000 vaccine doses) in ALiCE®.


Facile scaling of eukaryotic cell-free protein synthesis

We present data showcasing the scaling of the ALiCE® cell-free protein expression reaction from microliters to liters, with no reduction in protein yields.



How-to guide

Are you considering a transition from a cell-based to a cell-free expression system? This guide will help you.


Step-by-Step guide

Get a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how our protein service works to address all your protein needs.

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