Complex Protein Expression Made Easy

On-Demand Webinar

Often, the most interesting classes of protein are also those that are most difficult to produce. Incorrect processing of post-translational modifications (PTMs), protein toxicity and insolubility can all act as barriers to achieving satisfactory protein production results.

In this 20-minute webinar, two of our protein experts present an expression technology with a proven track record in producing difficult-to-express protein, and share examples of the system in action.

This webinar is for you if…

  • You have you ever struggled to produce a membrane proteins for functional analysis or characterization
  • Membrane protein expression a bottle neck in your hit or lead generation workflow
  • You are interested in exploring new, cutting edge protein expression systems for membrane proteins and more



Dr. Andreas Kiessling

Dr. Andreas Kiessling

Andreas is our Application Scientist here at LenioBio GmbH and joined in 2022. He provides scientific support to our customers and sits at the interface between sales and R&D.

Andreas is a biochemist by training and has a lot of experience with protein design, expression and protein purification, especially regarding membrane proteins. He finished his PhD at the University of Leeds (United Kingdom) in Biochemistry with a focus on the structural elucidation of bacterial membrane proteins.

Dr.-Ing Clemens Lattermann
Head of Sales

Clemens joined LenioBio in 2022 as Head of Sales. He is and expert on our cell-free protein expression system, ALiCE, with in-depth knowledge of the systems capabilities. Prior to joining the LenioBio team, Clemens obtained his PhD at the RWTH University of Aachen in Biomedical Engineering, where ne gained extensive experience in the development of small scale shaken bioreactor systems.


ALiCE® as a kit

ALiCE is available as a protein expression kit in three different sizes to suit your needs.


ALiCE® as a service

Leverage our team's expertise for your protein expression project with our end-to-end protein service.


Our technology

ALiCE® is a eukaryotic cell-free protein expression harnessing the power of N. tabacum cells.

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