ALiCE is ournew cell free protein expression (CFPE) system. ALiCE is a unique eukaryotic system, which yields an unprecedented 3 mg/ml of protein in batch mode, while other eukaryotic systems yield 0.2 mg/ml of protein or less in batch mode. Even prokaryotic systems, which generally can only handle easy-to-express proteins, only get at their best 1 mg/ml protein in batch mode.

Despite the high yield, ALiCE kits are being offered at comparable prices as other CFPE kits in the market. Please compare our prices to the CFPE kits you are currently using, and keep in mind that ALiCE will yield 3x – 15x more protein in most cases.

Product Size Price
ALiCE™ Mini Kit 6 x 50µl € 395
ALiCE™ Midi Kit 6 x 200µl € 1,520
ALiCE™ Maxi Kit 6 x 500µl € 3,470

Our proprietary expression vector, optimized for the lysate, is included in the ALiCE kits.

LenioBio is now taking pre-orders for ALiCE. Please, contact and an operator will get in touch with you within 24 hours.